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Keyword research is the process of finding the words people type into search engines to find what they are looking for. Researching keywords is the best way to find new & relevant keywords for search marketing campaigns.

***Very Important***

Please watch this Intro Video before watching the training below


In Phase 2 Module 1 we are going to go over Google Keywords using Google Adwords to do your Keyword Research. Many of the social media companies like Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc. will every now and then update their interface. Google Adwords has updated their product and changed it from Google Adwords to just Google Ads.

When you watch the replay below you’ll notice at the very end of the module Brian Bailey will show you how to bypass the billing in Google and go straight to the Keyword Planner. Unfortunately Google no longer allows you to bypass the billing so what Brian Bailey wants you to do for your Phase 2 Module 1 assignment is to brainstorm the keywords you would want to use for your niche. You may not understand what that means right now but once you go through this module it will make sense. To make it easy we’ve included a link below the video where you can turn in your assignment of your brainstormed keywords. Keep up the great work! In the next module we’ll have an update for the new Google interface!


In this module we will show you how to find out what your customers are searching for in the search engines.  Things we’ll be going over:  What are keywords?  What are long tail & short tail keywords? 

≈60 min.