VoiceTouch is your very own 24 hour 7 days a week recorded message system built right into your contact database. Customers will call your dedicated VoiceTouch number to get educated about your services or to learn about your offer.

People feel very comfortable about calling a recorded message line. According to the Direct Marketing Association 83% of the population would rather listen to a 24 hour recorded message than to speak with a live sales person. One of the great things about having an automatic system taking care of your callers is that you don’t have to be there! You could be sleeping or vacationing and your automatic marketing system is always on the job.

Marketers will put their VoiceTouch number on their cards, on their flyers, on social media, signs, on blogs, in the newspaper, on your website, on Craiglist or anywhere else their prospects might see it. Your recorded message line may have multiple extensions that way you can use the same call in number for different products, services or messages. Plus you can use different extensions to track the effectiveness of different marketing campaigns that you may try on things such as Craigslist, Newspaper, Flyers, Postcards, etc.

There is no special microphones or equipment to buy. Just use your phone for your greetings and extension recordings.